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Ms Bonita Avery (Principal)

Ms Bonita Avery was appointed to Empire Vale Public School in 2001.

I have been a teacher and Principal in small schools for my entire career (since1988). I believe that small schools provide students with a supportive learning environment and that the 'disadvantages' of the smaller setting are outweighed by the diversity of experiences that are able to be offered. As a teaching principal, my role is to Educate, Administrate and Communicate. I try to ensure that all three are done well but my priority will always be the education of the students. 

As a teacher, I enjoy all age groups within the primary school setting but have particularly enjoyed the humour and creative ideas that my senior classes and I have shared. My favourite subjects are maths and technology. I have worked with Robotics with my students and have also, in the past, set up a darkroom to share my love of photography with my class.

On a personal note, I enjoy travelling and adventure. I have a SCUBA diving ticket, a boat licence and a private pilots licence, and have enjoyed bungy jumping, white water rafting, sky diving, kayaking and horse riding. At the moment I enjoy mountain biking when possible.