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2010 Reg Mombassa Artist Study.


The Senior Class have had the privilege to work alongside established Australian artist Reg Mombassa during a recent artist study.

Reg is most famous for his work designing art of 'Mambo' surf wear and playing guitar in his band 'Mental as Anything'.

The class benefited throughout the art study by having access to a range of artworks, books and t-shirts which were supplied or recommended by Reg himself. We scanned our artworks and sent them through to Reg for him to admire and provide us with artistic feedback.

Please take the time to read our email from Reg and  admire the artworks created by the senior class.

Hi Karen and The Senior Class,

Thanks for sending the pictures.  The students have done some great work!  I
like the fact that they have not just copied my stuff but have added their
own drawing styles and visual puns like the flame trees and the guitar dog
playing itself etc.  I'm glad that they have seen that you can do a lot with
simple inexpensive material like drawing paper and coloured pencils.
I appreciate that they have been inspired or amused by my work because
looking at the work of other artist and graphic artists inspired me to try
my hand at drawing and painting when I was at school.

Best wishes


"The best thing about Reg's art work is all the texture, shading and pencil work. It is really good. I have liked using pencil and drawing funny things. It feels good to draw new things that no-one has drawn before. I have improved a lot with my art during this artist study." Jordan, T Year 5.



"I like the way that he is not afraid to try things and how he does really random stuff like Jesus with three eyes and trumpet dogs." Gabby, Year 5.



"I have liked listening to his music. I have found it very inspiring because it it's kind of country and kind of rock. It has been relaxing to listen to, whilst doing the artist study." Mahli, Year 5.


"I like how he draws his animals so that they look like musical instruments. I love how he uses lots of Australian icons like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house in the background of many of his pictures." Jack G J, Year 6.