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2010 Sally Morgan Artist Study



Throughout Term 4, the Senior Class completed an artist study on Western Australian, Indigenous artist 'Sally Morgan'.

Sally Morgan is not only an established artist but an award winning author and educator. She won the Human Rights Literature and Other Writing Award in 1987 and 1989 for her books 'My Place' and 'Wanamurranganya, the story of Jack McPhee.'

We were privileged to share our artworks and be mentored by Sally. To do this successfully we scanned our art and then sent them to her via email. She loved our work! We have placed a copy of her email to us below.

Please take the time to read the email from Sally and admire some of our artworks.


Miss Hinrichsen.


To Karen Hinrichsen and all the wonderful Art students

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the very nice things you said about my art work. When I was in school, no-one thought
I was any good at art, so it is wonderful to have students tell me my paintings are enjoyable!

I was very impressed with the fantastic pictures that were sent through to me. I have been admiring them on my computer.
They are all special and unique, and I can see you have used your own ideas and feelings about things in the pictures. There
must be a lot of talented artists in your area, because all the pictures are fabulous.

I also felt very pleased that you enjoyed doing your own pictures, and that my art work helped you to have some fun in making
up such terrific art works. It's really nice when students feel inspired to make something special of their own. And I think it's
super important to have fun with art, otherwise it becomes a boring thing to do. And who wants to be bored?

What I enjoy most about art, is working with so many bright colours. Sometimes my painting room gets very messy. I get so
carried away working with all the different colours, that I often drop blobs of paint and water on the floor. Usually I have to
have a big clean up afterwards.

My old Golden Retriever dog likes to lie in the room when I am painting, so sometimes he gets bits of paint in his fur too. Then
I have to clean him up as well!

Thank you all so much for allowing me to see your pictures. It gave me great pleasure to look at them.

I know school will be finishing for the year soon, but I hope that you will all keep drawing and colouring in and painting.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families.

Stay happy and safe over the school holidays.

With lots of best wishes from Sally Morgan.


"Sally Morgan's art is phenomenal. I love her use of vibrant colours and patterns. She is very inspiring." Gabby, Year 5.

 "I like Sally Morgan's pictures as they are very creative and they have excitement in them. The colours really help the pictures stand out." Bonnie, Year 5.

"I loved this activity because of the spiritual connection with the picture and I loved the freedom to try something different. I loved the way the pictures have bright happy colours that tell a story." Bethany, Year 5.


"I enjoyed learning about Sally Morgan's artwork because it was out of my art zone. I liked the art texture and all the pattern work. It was an awesome art experience for me." Jordan T, Year 5.

"Sally Morgan inspired me with her art because I thought I wasn't an artist until I gave her style a try.  Now, I am impressed with my art skills. I liked hearing that Sally Morgan was once like me and thought she was not good at art too." Jesse, Year 6